Metallic Finish


Wide Colour range in Plain Round Leather Cord in Metallic Finish. We have listed some colours here just to give the idea of colour range in Plain Round Leather Cord. To view all our shade cards of Plain Round Leather Cord in this finish on request. These colors in metallic give the product shiny and elegant look.

A metallic color is a color that appears to be that of a polished metal. The visual sensation usually associated with metals is its metallic shine.

We are one of the leading manufacturers of an extensive range of colorful Round Leather Cords. We offer an array of chords in regular glossy colors, metallic colors and in dyed colors. These round leather cords are available in various diameters, finishes, sizes, etc., and can customizes as per client’s requirement. Leather Cords’ size starts from 0.5 millimetre upto 8.0 millimetre. Cords are packed on plastic spools hanks. This is standard packing of cords.
We offer customize packing length of any like for example from 5 meters to 100 meters. Our packing packing solution includes header packing tag packing spool packing poly bag packing.
Packing length is 100 meter on plastic spools or well packed hanks.